1. Nothing new,
  2. All the same,
  3. But when will this be over,
  4. This feels kinda lame.
  5. To be trapped,
  6. In your own house,
  7. The one you’ve mapped,
  8. Yet still feel like a mouse.
  9. Running through a maze,
  10. Stuck in you mind,
  11. Slowly going insane,
  12. All cause your confined.
  13. The same routine,
  14. Everyday,
  15. Go do your schoolwork,
  16. Same as yesterday.
  17. When was the last time you left your home,
  18. Stuck inside,
  19. Yet free to roam,
  20. The emptiness inside your head.
  21. But who to blame,
  22. For this terrible fate,
  23. Other then,
  24. A little virus,
  25. That may wipe out the human race.
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1 thought on “Stuck

  1. Kai,
    I like your poem and I really like that you chose to post this not because I assigned you to do it but because you wanted to (I assume). Thank you. I hope others read this and are inspired by it; to write and post just for the sake of writing and posting, and to write poetry.
    Mr. Jockers

    p.s. Next time (if there is a next time, which I hope there to be), leave the numbers out of the verses; it reads easier and looks better.

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