Everyday In Quarantine is the same

Everyday in quarantine feels the same. For the first couple days it was kind of cool because I could pretty much do whatever I wanted but now I do the same exact thing everyday, and since we are locked in the house there isn’t much I can do to make it more interesting for myself. I have mostly just been playing video games all day with some breaks throughout the day to get some exercise and to eat. My new BMX bike came the other day so I’m probably going to be spending a lot more time outside going forward. My parents spend all day working, and my sister has a lot more school work than me so it’s pretty lonely, so I have been spending most of my time talking with me friends and playing games with them over Playstation and Xbox. 

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1 thought on “Everyday In Quarantine is the same

  1. Charlie,
    Hope you’ve been using that new bike; I’ve been doing a lot of trail-riding in these woods near my house; it’s just about the most fun I can have in these everyday-is-the-same-in-quarantine times.
    Mr. Jockers

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