Electric Planes are the future.

One passenger sits in a plane soaring across the Earth looking through the window to see clouds to arrive at China. Below, there are millions of people breathing in the life of a mask. 4,400 deaths happen per day. 1.6million people died each year. All of this due to our unawareness to the severeness of pollution. Planes go up and down leaving tons of smoke, pollution across the sky. The IATA believes by 2050, airplanes could generate 43 gigatons into the sky, consuming about 5% of the world’s remaining carbon budget. Our source of protection from the sun for humanity on earth is the ozone layer. We’re losing it quicker and quicker each year. You will see people wearing all clothes, covering their skin from the sun, sand from beaches that are too hot to walk on, and smog over the whole world. If airplanes commit that high of an emission, why not use another concept to prevent this crisis. Electric planes are the next flight-transportation scientists humanity are believing in. By 2050, we will also run out of fossil-fuel at this current rate of usage. Fossil-fuel planes won’t function, but electric planes will. Klaus Ohman, a professor at The University of the French Alps states: “A two-seater electric plane can travel 300 miles with NO EMISSION,”. Consider this as a new opportunity for us. We know these ordinary planes can carry 200 passengers around the world, but would you really take global warming over the economy of life? Change your mind, Dr. Qichao, an electrical professor states that the electric plane “batteries will multiply 10x in 2030” and “the decrease in weight of energy will play an important role in the distance”. Less weight means more passengers.  From a cessna to an airbus size is possible with this direction.  It’s not a dream, it’s reality. 63 year old man Greg Mcdougall has already taken this plan into reality as he takes off from the harbor with his electric engine in the seaplane. Scientists in NASA are influenced by this, and have taken this idea into action too. The world is ready to move on from normal airplanes.

The  humanity, people on the ground wearing masks or coughing from the smoke each day is not what Earth should be representing as. We’re losing resources, and making people suffer everywhere. Aviation companies, people on the ground, should spread a message around that Electric Planes will change humanity forever. This transportation will mark a new era in history. The real problem is the responsibility and determination of us. Are you ready to accept this beneficial and powerful challenge?

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1 thought on “Electric Planes are the future.

  1. Eddison,
    I liked your piece. It highlighted a large issue and showed a large solution. You are looking at the consequences of the plane’s pollution, not just how much it pollutes. Though I was a bit confused by what you meant by the ozone layer is disappearing each year. It could be expanded on. Also, there were a few sentences that needed labels at the end. Overall this is a good editorial. You have an original call to action. You bring people into this article that are the pilots of these new planes, the piolets of the future.Influencing not only what happens now, but how we will move forward into the future.
    Alex Weiss

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