Its the Person Not the Breed

It was a cold and frigid day in November, and I was going to the dog park with my dad, and my 10 month old pit bull. I caught the stares of many unapproving people at the park. I thought it was because my dog was off leash, only to notice that many other people had their dogs off leash. 

The only difference was my dog was a pit bull. Moms usually tend to grab their kids when they see him, or people will walk on the other side of the road to get away from him. 

Pit bulls are known to be the most dangerous and vicious dog breed out there in the world.  But what people don’t know is the truth behind pit bulls aggression and how they are raised in many cases. Pit bulls are bought in many instances, in low income areas, and used to fight and kill other pit bulls for money. 

They are trained to kill, they are starved and beaten by their “owners.” It is not the fault of the dog but in fact the person behind the dog. It is the person who is training this animal to become a wicked beast from birth. Banning pit bulls, and putting breed specific legislation, will not solve anything. 

“I’m here to tell you, though, that a pit bull is no more likely to unpredictably attack than any other breed. That’s a fact. To say that a pit is a natural-born killer is nothing more than stereotyping” Says famous dog expert Ceaser Millan. Many studies have shown that a dog’s breed does not determine the risk of having that animal around. BSL’s have also been proven to be non effective, and do not reduce bite incidents or keep people safe.   

Organizations like  American Pit bull Association, Pit bull Rescue Central, and The american Pit bull Foundation, state that their main goal is to promote responsible pet ownership through education. “We do this four ways: through Humane Education, Outreach, Advocacy, and Shelter to Service.”Says the people behind The American Pit bull Foundation. “We are providing rescued service dogs to veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Many people would say that giving rescue pit bulls to veterans with PTSD or other people with mental disorders, is a danger to them and the people they are around, but despite the evil stigma behind pit bulls, they are  strong enough, smart enough, and loyal enough. 

“Their loyal, dedicated, and intuitive nature makes them a natural for offering emotional or physical comfort for those individuals with psychological or psychiatric conditions like PTSD, depression, or social anxieties.” Says the people at Service Dog Certification.

Before protesting for pro BSL, think about if your own dog was taken away from you, and most likely to be put down.

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3 thoughts on “Its the Person Not the Breed

  1. Adriana, I really enjoyed this peice. I can tell it is something you are very passionate about and you proved your point very well. Your opinion was clear and so was your call to action. I thought it was very well writen and I very much agree with what you are saying through your argument.

  2. Adriana, I loved your editorial. I totally agree with the fact that people shouldn’t stereotype pit bulls to be viscous, but they can actually sweet and loyal. I loved how you added your background information on this topic and many facts.

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