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There has been a recent uprising of co-ed sports. Today, about 52% of people play, and prefer co-ed sports. But what people fail to see, is the problem behind this. Male and females are very different, mentally and physically. And although not always aware of this drastic difference, it can be a major not only safety issue, but fairness issue, seeing as coaches and teammates may treat players unfairly because of their gender. It is common for a male to “go easy” on a female, because they think they aren’t as strong/good. This isn’t always the case, but men and women do have major physical differences and capabilities. For instance, as said by Cassandra Meuret, it is unsafe for a 250 pound male linebacker to go charging at a 150 pound woman. Luckily, co-ed sports most of the time don’t exist at schools, especially colleges. This is because of physical differences and capabilities. This gives all the more reason why co-ed sports should not be played. By sports being separated, it gives a more equal playing field,and we should keep it that way

Now, some people may enjoy co-ed sports, if they have similar capabilities as the opposite gender. And according to the National Federation of State High School Associations, 1,500 girls are playing on boys football teams nationwide. There has also been a 17 percent uprising since 2009. But not everyone has these capabilities, and if all sports become co-ed, it can be very dangerous to certain people. For example, if co-ed sports became “the next big thing” females would be more likely to get hurt. Some people may argue saying that it is unfair for men and women to have to play on different teams. But when it comes to injuries, females are more of an easy target than males. Females have an entirely different body type. They have smaller bone proportion and have lower bone density. They also have estrogen, a hormone in women that protects bones, which decreases quickly as women age. Females are more prone to injuries if they are playing against/with males. All of these factors increase the risk of broken bones, which is a serious health issue. On top of that, it would also be very unlikely that a girl would be treated with the same “respect” as the boys on the team.

If you want to create a fun and safe playing environment for sports, then co-ed sports should not be played. Sports need to be separated by gender, in order to keep the playing field fair and safe, and the players healthier and happier.


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2 thoughts on “Keep Sports Safe

  1. This was really well written. I really enjoyed reading about this topic. You made it clear where you stand and what your opinion is. I never really thought about this subject or argument before but I think you shared your point very well and could convince whoever is reading to agree. I do agree with you that we should keep it fair and safe. You did amazing on your editorial.

  2. I really liked this peice. You made it clear what your opinion was and your call to action was very strong. Along with Olivia I had never really thought about this argument but aftre reading your peice I very much agree with what you are saying.

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