Student’s lunch times should be longer

Tyler Brunetti

Mr. Jockers

Period 6 ILA


Student’s lunch times should be longer

It was a nice sunny day outside.  I had really wanted to go outside during lunch.  But due to the fact that the lunch line to buy lunch was a mile and a half long, I couldn’t.  For me to be able to go outside, I needed to eat lunch first.  Being at the back of the lunch line would take me 15 minutes to get my food, and 10 minutes just to eat it.  And then it’s not even going to be worth going outside, because I’d only have 3 minutes out there. All of my friends went outside except for me.  If lunch was just 15 minutes longer, this would be beneficial to all students, because kids could get more work done, have a better “Break” from the schoolwork,(possibly increasing productivity), etc.   CDC states that some benefits of longer lunch times are Increased consumption of food and key nutrients, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, lunch entrée, and milk, and decreased plate waste.  These are all much needed, as some kids at the end of the lunch lines don’t get to eat all of their food, and some only get about 10 minutes of “seat time”.  Seat time is not the full lunch time, but how long a student is sitting down eating food.

“Staff understand that the movement and break time is important,” Jones said. “But students also have to be taught what they need to move up to the next grade.”.  The thing is, food is needed for energy to be focused on schoolwork and getting it done efficiently, instead of being hungry and only focused on hunger.  Also, school time can be extended for another 15 minutes if it needs to.  Who would it bother?  But then, who would it bother for 2 minutes to be taken away from each period of the day to have a nice and relaxing lunch time, to get back to work and actually work BETTER than before?  I’m pretty sure that the school wouldn’t shut down because it needed to get rid of 2 minutes from each period of the school day, just to give school more lunch time so that students could work more efficiently and work less time consumingly.

 Whoever is in charge of scheduling student lunches, weather it be superintendent, or school counselor, should extend school lunch times.  The state should consider policies that assign a certain amount of seat time to every school in the state, (25 minutes or more).  


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2 thoughts on “Student’s lunch times should be longer

  1. I like the topic of your essay and showed your expirience with the problem. I also agree about how long the lunch lines are sometimes it is almost impossile to get food at all. I also really enjoyed your solution. I think it would be worth it to take away those 2 useless minutes from each period and to have longer lunch time.

  2. I have been in that position before where you end up waiting most of the lunch time i the line and it sucks. I totaly agree that we should have longer lunches and taking away 2 minutes from each period does not seem unreasonable.

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