The Bigger Value in Life

Researchers from Harvard Business School recently asked more than 4,000 millionaires to rate how happy they were on a scale of 1 to 10. Respondents with at least $8 million scored higher than people with $7.9 million or less. But do you really think that that is the way life should be? Do you think if you have all this money you should become automatically happy? I don’t.

 I truly believe money can buy happiness, but it shouldn’t have to. People should not focus their stress on money unless they need to but otherwise live life, cherish moments, and enjoy opportunities they are given. 

Well yes, I do agree, having enough money means no stress when shopping at the grocery store, going out to eat or paying your rent, but I also agree, it’s not so much that money makes people happy, as that money can help solve problems that would otherwise lower our happiness. 

Life isn’t just about how much money you have or what you can buy; it’s about the moments in life that are dear to you. Over the years, I learned how memories with loved ones and new opportunities are worth a lot more value than tons of money and expensive items. I also learned that being appreciative of what you have can help you to stop highlighting bad things in your life. Like being in debt, if you appreciate what you have, it can improve your mindset to approaching money-related situations. In addition, a study came out showing what people rank what’s important on their bucket lists, money came in at number 8 on the list, after things like traveling, having kids, volunteering, and becoming a better cook. This shows how we should choose experiences over spending.

Frequently we buy some things because we think that physical things are more long-lasting and make us happier than an experience that happens just once. I believe this is a bad habit that happens to most of us often. This is a poor tendency considering we choose the physical thing because our minds tell us not to waste our money on just a one-time thing. But that one-time thing can leave us with a lifetime full of happiness which includes happy memories that you can reminisce about later on. Rather than some object that we bought that most likely doesn’t have any meaning. 

Now that we’re in quarantine, this is the time to discover what you love most, what brings you the most happiness. Seize the opportunity!

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2 thoughts on “The Bigger Value in Life

  1. I liked how informational your writing was and how it was persuasive but also came from the heart. This is true about our world today and people should see the bigger value.

  2. I really liked your editorial! It was very well written and persuasive. I think you did a really good job explaining everything and gave very good examples. Over all it was a very good editorial and it made me want to keep on reading!

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