Too Intense?

 When you think back to when you were a kid what sports did you play, did it matter if you won or lost, who your teammate where, all that mattered was having fun and staying active. As someone who has played a competitive sport in more recent times I have pushed my own body  and mind just  to win. Are youth sports getting too intense?   Sports injuries are the number one reason for emergency room visits among children. Over 448,000 football-related injuries to youths under 15 are treated in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics. Child athlete’s often get hurt by overworking their bodies; often doing this to please their coaches, over enthusiastic parents, and people who come  to their games and support them. 

Now don’t get me wrong, encouraging your children or athletes to do well and try their best is not a bad thing.  Challenging them to do their best in their life can really help them overcome obstacles they face as they grow into adults.  However, over encouragement can lead to negative pressure or stress on child athletes to push their bodies too far resulting in unhealthy mental habits and  physical  lifelong injuries. “Regimens also can exact a psychological toll, increasing the risk that children and adolescents will burn out and quit sport altogether”(the train’s group said ) That just defeats the point of sport if children quit then their not learning teamwork or seeing that hard work and moderation pays of and they just quit because it’s no fun for them anymore. 

However we can  help reduce some of the sports injuries that children acquire and the pressure they feel to win. The risk of  injuries is a part of playing sports so making sure when they do happen that the injury is treated appropriately and is rested and not be overused. Coaches and parents can just keep tabs on how their child athlete is acting. And consistently assess how playing sports is affecting their child.  For example,  if the child is playing a sport and the parent thinks it’s getting too intense they can speak up and talk to the coach and their child to make sure everyone is  on the same page and everyone is ok. If it’s clear your kid feels pressured by you or a supporter just make sure you engage them to do their best and take breaks when necessary not over using their body and mind.  So next time your Child or you play a sport, pay attention to how you or your child is feeling physically and emotionally. Go have fun playing sports.  

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  1. OMG your introduction is 100 times better from the last time I read it. It is very captivating and very clearly states your stance on your topic. One thing I feel like you might want to change for next time is your sentence format. At times I feel that you are making some of the sentences longer than needed and add extra unneeded description. Over all, MUCH better than your first one!

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