Tory Tiger and the Dastardly Plot of one Wicked William Weisel

One stormy winter’s night, the wicked William Weisel hatched a dreadful dastardly plot. He would sneak into Fred Finch’s house and sneak up to his bedroom, to release him from his mortal form. Even more dastardly, he would get Tory Tiger to aid with the getaway. Tory Tiger did not realize she was participating in such a horrid crime. After she realized that she had been an accomplice to the heinous crime, she instantly went down to the condominium owned by the crazy cop Camilla Cow, to be condemned. She instantly confessed, but Camilla Cow told her to not worry, she would make sure that she was innocent, and that William Weisel would be punished for the dreadful crime. Both suspects were brought to court, in the case of William Weisel vs. The Town presided by the Honorable, Judge Silvia Squirrel. William Weisel was found guilty of all charges and was sent to prison for three and a half years. Tory Tiger was found innocent, as she was tricked into being an accomplice, and told the truth, which was instrumental in catching the real killer.

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