We need to be united

People today are not united and do not stand behind their leaders like they used to, in times of crisis, uncertainty, and war. If you had to lead a country through a crisis wouldn’t you like support? There is an article by John Goodman on Independent Institute titled “Does the media hate Trump more than they hate the virus?”. This shouldn’t even be a question in a time like this. That is asking does the media hate our president, the person we chose to lead our country, more than a deadly virus? 

After September 11, 2001, the country was extremely united and patriotic. This crisis/attack was proven to bring the country together. In 2001 there was a record number of american flags bought by US citizens. At this time we stood behind President Bush and supported him. Now, during this crisis it has been stated by governor Cuomo, a democrat, of New York and President Trump that we are at war against the invisible enemy. At this time it is important that we are standing behind our leaders and unite as one country like our founding fathers intended. If we don’t do this our country will continue to be divided. This is horrible because it will delay the economy from coming back and delay us from defeating the “invisible enemy”.

The media is trying to make it sound like The president and his administration have not done a good job.  Riley Beggin states, “ A supposed survey found 65 percent of Americans think Trump responded to Covid-19 too slowly.” In reality, Trump closed all airfares from China in January  only 10 days after the first US case. Then the whole world pretty much shut down after that. Trump acted on this very fast. Amber Philiips from The Washington Post states, “Trump closed the border to Chinese travelers, but warnings about how to prepare America for the onslaught of the virus went largely unheeded.”  Trump played a brief video of the media downplaying the coronavirus in January and February. According to Gregg Re from Fox News that is  “including some personalities who now change their mind and say the president didn’t act quickly enough.” This is a great example of how people are playing politics in the time of a crisis. They are taking both sides to whatever satisfies their political views.

In conclusion, we should all come together as a country and stand behind our leaders. It can only get worse if we don’t unite as a country.  There is no way we will defeat the “invisible enemy” if we do not support our leaders decisions. Our President is doing what he thinks is the best for our country and we need to stand by him through this. 

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4 thoughts on “We need to be united

  1. Rachel, I totally agree that we need to stand behind our president like we used to. I loved all of your pieces of information. Keep up the amazing work!!

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