Why vote, if your voice isn’t heard?

The 2020 elections are this year. Does this mean we are just going to sit around because no one “inspires us” to do so? I hope not. Young adults, ages 18-29, care about different things than the older generations. Young voters care about gun control, climate change, health care equality, student debt, immigration, and stabilizing the economy. The economy is going to change… For the better? For the worse? “When young people feel like their vote doesn’t matter,” Dr. Kawashima Ginsberg said, “they don’t vote.” This is a chance to have your voice because your voice does count. Are you really okay with people not hearing your voice? Young adults are the future of this country. We are going to be the future CEOs, presidents, doctors, and teachers. 

Voters still feel they are not heard… they also believe that lawmakers do not pay attention even when their voices are heard.” says Congressional Institute. You need to know that your voice is getting heard. You won’t want to vote if you have the wrong mindset thinking “Oh, my vote isn’t going to really count.” or “why should I vote, I can’t change the world just by voting.” Well I am going to tell you to throw those thoughts away and go vote. 

If we want more people to vote. What should be done? We can make it “What do you want your country to be?” instead of “Who do you want to run the country?” If we know what we want for our country then this should help people decide who is the right president to elect. This will bring way more people to it and show what you care about. Yes, at the end of the day we can all come together and agree on a person to run our country. A president gets to decide what is right and what they want to do for the country, sometimes good and sometimes bad. 

People might think that you really don’t have a voice because it’s everyone’s voice as a whole no one person can change how the country is looking at the electoral campaign. Only 1 in 10 people who can vote are in Gen Z. It’s our future that we have to improve. I personally don’t want to have a future where people don’t think they have a voice because they do. Everyone does. Stand your ground and vote for the person you want to run your country.

When I am older I am going to vote because I know I am going to have a voice. Vote if you want to improve your world and have a better future because you might make a difference.

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1 thought on “Why vote, if your voice isn’t heard?

  1. I would like to quickly point out that the fact that 1/10 of voters are Gen Z is a little misleading, as not all Gen Z’ers are able to vote (some are as young as 10). Otherwise, this is a good article, though I feel as if the data is a little confusing while comparing it to the call to action. I don’t feel as if you have much evidence that we should vote, it’s mostly evidence that we (Gen Z’ers) aren’t voting. If you put aside that problem though, it is a good editorial and has a fairly clear call to action.

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