Hello Mr.Jockers. How are you?  How is your day going?  Is everybody healthy and safe?  Man, it looks so bad outside today, it’s all rainy and windy and a bunch of other cruddy stuff.  It was a lot nicer yesterday, well, not in the morning, but in the afternoon, it was super nice.  I rode my bike a lot, and I played a lot of basketball as well.  I am so happy right now, and that’s because I just looked at my grades and found out that I only have one B, and all A’s after that, including a 100% in your class (:  My basketball coach told me the other day that he thinks that the quarantine is going to end before June!  I don’t think that is going to happen, but if it did, that would be literally awesome.  I could have a regular birthday party, I can invite my friends over to my house to go into the pool right when it opens, and a lot of other awesome things as well.  When do you think the quarantine is going to end?  I think it is going to end about mid June or very early July.  I wonder if we are going to have a summer math packet this year, because if half of the summer is wasted because of quarantine, than it would be pretty mean to give us a massive math packet.  Anyway, my 15 minutes are up, so I will talk again tomorrow.  


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