Alcohol Effects More Than Just You

As a Hispanic I can tell you that, we do enjoy our alcohol of course our corona, dos equis, and don’t forget about the tequila, but there’s a difference between having a good time and having an addiction, alcohol can have a very negative impact on your family and friends. Everyday, people are affected by alcohol abuse whether it’s them or their neighbor.

This honestly needs to be put to a stop, or at least a slow down for the most we can do, because it is not fair for everyone affected by something they may have not even been able to control, we need define what exactly alcohol abuse is. You may be thinking exactly how many drinks must I have to become an alcoholic, becoming an alcoholic is not just something that happens overnight, it’s something that is more complicated than that. According to a family doctor, a man is abusing alcohol when he has over 14 drinks in the week and a woman is abusing alcohol when she has over 7 drinks in a week. A solution to this problem is that we track the alcohol used by those who abuse it and restrain the amount they should use.

The root of alcoholism according to an american addictions centers resource, treatment solutions are “genetics and family, depression and stress, friends and peer pressure, and for self medicating.” And of course we can’t just blame these men and women for things they can even control, but we need to help them control and also help them feel supported and not judged through what they’re going through, because at one point or another we all go through something too. Ways that we can stop this is of course preventing the root of the problem like peer pressure, if you see someone pressuring someone into doing something that they may not want to do, of course stick up for them, other roots of the problems may be harder to prevent like depression. You can also help others by noticing the signs of alcohol abuse examples are “unable to perform at work or home when drinking, having a drink in the morning to get going after drinking too much the night before, have physically hurt someone else or themselves after drinking too much, hide drinking or alcohol, have blackouts and memory lapses after drinking too much, drinking is interfering with your relationships, etc.”

Alcohol only becomes a problem when you can’t stop drinking and it starts to harm your relationships, so please be careful and help others be careful as well.

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6 thoughts on “Alcohol Effects More Than Just You

  1. I really enjoyed reading your editorial Isabel. I was very informative and I liked how you included your perspective on the situation rather than just stating facts. Your call to action was very clear and there was never a dull moment reading this article. After reading this article, it gave me a different perspective on alcoholism. The only little thing that you could’ve improved upon, is making your ending even stronger to get the reader thinking about the topic. Good job!!

  2. I think your editorial is well said. I also like how you think that alcohol does not affect just one person, and that it can really be people in your everyday life.

  3. I liked reading this because I have a personal connection to it. My aunt was a drug addict before I was born and it put her life in serious danger due to how many pills she consumed. I know that alcohol and drugs are 2 different things but you can both get addicted on them if you don’t have self control. I don’t know what my aunt is up to nowadays since I haven’t seen her since 2008, because most of her time she was in rehab, but I hope she’s doing okay.

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