Less is More


Are you too stressed out? In my opinion, kids are working harder than they need to be and they are too stressed out.   Teachers  are giving  too much homework and that takes hours and hours each week.  There isn’t time for anything else! There just isn’t enough time for students to relax or socialize with people.   Some students feel a four day week would allow students to be more productive and catch up on schoolwork.  I think we can solve the problem of having stressed out kids  if we move to having a four day school week.


The Hill reports that in a recent survey published by the American Psychological Association, 30% of students are feeling sad or depressed and 31% were overwhelmed due to school stress. Another 35% said they lied awake at night and 26% said they were overeating due to school stress. These pressures on students are causing young people to be more stressed out than ever before.  I know that whenever I am distracted and stressed out,  I can’t work. 


On another youth survey, 78% of students reported school stress was related to getting into a good college and deciding what to do after high school. 65% were concerned about the financial status of their family  and 64 % were stressed about friendships and social issues. 


 Teens reported that their stress levels are not healthy and their stress is higher than adults!  The Seattle PI reports that a four day week gives extra rest and students can then be more productive and report academic improvements.  This makes sense because students have more time to understand their work since things move so fast. Therefore, they can do better on tests. I definitely work better when I have a longer limit of time. 


Students are also  more rested and focused and less likely to be off task in class. It was also found that fewer disruptions enhanced teaching and made classes more productive. The New York Times reported that Microsoft Japan tested a four day work week and found productivity improved about 40%.  If this can work in a big company, it can work in a school!


 A shortened week would give more time to spend with family, friends and interests. I know when I get to see friends it makes me calm down and it releases stress about all the things in my life. 


 The NCSL reports finding mixed results about four day weeks.  One study showed statistically significant improvements,  while other studies have shown no significant improvements. Still,something needs to be done to help students. I think the facts prove that a four day week would improve students’ lives.  Do you think it would improve yours? 

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  1. I agree with this and I think your wording and evidence is outstanding. Really good work Brandon. Keep it up!

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