The Despicable Crimes of the Crooked Cop, the Wicked William Weisel

15 years before the Fred Finch incident, an event occurred that showed the town how wicked William Weisel actually was. He had actually been running for mayor of the town at the time. One of his prevailing opinions was that they should increase the privacy policies on the local internet networks. The people of the town were excited by this, as there had been several problems relating to a breach in conduct with the local police. There was a yet not determined police officer, who had used the technology within the police internet system, to gain private information about someone, and had used it for despicable things. William Weisel was very outspoken against this case and was the lead police officer on the case. He then condemned Elvis Elk for the crime, and he was sent to jail. But the new recruit, Camilla Cow, smelled something fishy about the situation, at risk to her own reputation, she investigated the case further without permission. What she found, shocked her, the real perp was actually William Weisel. Luckily, she was able to get to the police chief in time, and the real culprit was apprehended.

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