Does life exist or has it existed on another planet

Does life Exist or has it existed on another planet.

The question has been around for millions of years: are we alone in this big universe? Nasa’s early planet finding missions, such as Kepler,  K2, or the James Webb Space Telescope, could yield bare bones evidence of the potentially habitable worlds. I believe that life exists on millions of planets around the Universe and it has existed like planets on mars and some other uninhabitable planets like Venus or mercury. However the search for signs of life could take decades unless astronomers get lucky.

 MIT physics professor Sara Seager looks for possible chemical combinations that could signal the presence of alien life. If people like Sara Seager can find signs of alien life in our universe then that means we are not alone and other specimens like us are out there and we need to be finding new ways to contact these life forms so we can learn from them or maybe they could learn from us. A lot of people at Nasa dedicate their lives to finding signs of life on other planets and it is incredible what they find. A couple months ago a team of scientists from Nasa got a picture of a black hole. 

I believe there are people out there that think we are the only ones out there and thats fine, I don’t think we ever went to the moon, but the thing is the people that believe we are alone out here in this big universe just haven’t taken the time to research if we are alone and maybe they can’t but that’s ok. The Kepler space mission proves that there are at least 40 BILLION! Other earth sized planets in our universe with life on them. Honestly we should be sending rovers over to these planets right now because we could potentially have a second home on one of these planets if earth fails us.

If other forms of life do exist in our galaxy we should be sending rovers to every planet, even gas planets like Jupiter. Because there could be some sort of life behind the gas and all the gas is hiding the planet’s true identity which is what we should be trying to figure out. Scientists have found out that there was a water pattern on the planet mars and that suggested there was plant life on mars at one time which could likely be the same for other planets we have not gone far into researching yet. If we keep studying planet mars and the change in its color patterns we can find out more about old life on mars. Hopefully this will change for all planets in our galaxy so we can further explore life in space.

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