This is all so weird to think about, how a person in China ate a bat and a couple months later, all businesses and schools all over the world are closed for an unknown amount of time because of a virus that is extremely infectious. If the corona virus had never happened, everything would be completely normal, we would still be at school, and wouldn’t have to stay inside for the majority of the day. The self quarantine is very boring, since you can’t have human contact which means you can’t be with your friends. So, I have been rotating every day so far by waking up, eating, working out, going outside, showering, and going back to sleep which isn’t very eventive. But this gives me more time to get ready for football season next year. Even if there wasn’t a corona virus, there still wouldn’t be school because it is snowing and has been snowing for at least 4 hours. It also sucks that there isn’t any basketball to watch, as that is what I look forward to each year, but maybe it will be during the Summer when this is all over. Anyways, that’s Day 1 of my journal.

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