Bio-Poem: Keira


Hardworking, thoughtful, compassionate, loyal

Daughter of Brent and Jill, sister of Richie

Lover of family, basketball, and the Rhode Island beaches

Who feels thankful to be in such a wonderful, comforting family, passionate about making a difference in the world, and fortunate to have caring friends

Who finds excitement dribbling a basketball down a court, relaxation, as she bathes in the scorching sun, sand between her toes with a spine-chilling book in her hands, and laughter watching “The Office” as her beloved family laughs along with her

Who needs to help the world become a better place, to go on long walks with her protective father and dog, pulling her to the side when cars speed, and TV nights with her hilarious mother, who never forgets to bring popcorn and treats

Who gives advice to her friends and younger brother, whether it’s about school, family, or sports, attentiveness to her sprightly dog as he prances over to her, with a blue and green bone in his mouth, his black and white, fluffy tail rapidly going back and forth, and way too many treats to her dog, especially when he unleashes his big, adorable puppy eyes

Who fears bats (which are everywhere during the nighttime), losing a loved one, and her basketball season being cancelled

Who would like to see her brother have an exciting first year of middle school experience, the New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup, and Covid-19 nonexistent   

Who enjoys waves crashing down on her and her brother as the boogie board in the salty, cool water of a blazing hot beach, sweat trickling down her face as she goes in for a layup, basketball in hand, in mid-air, and biking on her Peloton on weekend mornings

 Who likes to wear fun, colorful outfits when she’s out with her friends, fuzzy and cozy socks and pants when she’s spending time with her family at their house, and pink, foam flip-flops when she’s at the beach or boardwalk

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