Bio Poem: Lucas

Kind smart curious dependable
Son of Robin and Michael brother of Liam and Gabriel
Lover a football, reading and enjoying a nice vacation.
Who feels happy about life, and feels to be grateful for what he has, hopefully for a safe and healthy life.
Who finds happiness in to find fun things in boring times, to find happiness in small sorrows, and to find goodness in the world.
Who needs to have fun when bored, who needs some pasta or pizza on a bad day, and who needs happiness in his days.
Who gives help to others, Who gives too much time being bored, who gives care to others.
Who fears death to others, who fears he can lose everything in seconds, who fears life will be too short.
Who would like to see a safe and healthy life with him and his family, who would want to see happiness, who would want to see people accomplishing.
Who enjoys playing sports, who enjoys hanging out with friends online or offline, and enjoys gaming with his online friends.
Who likes to wear comfortable clothes, who like to wear warm clothes on Christmas, and who likes a nice sweatshirt.









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1 thought on “Bio Poem: Lucas

  1. Hi Lucas,
    I liked your Bio-Poem. One line in particular that I liked was you finding “happiness in small sorrows.” That line made me think. Finding happiness in the many little unhappy moments around us is important, especially now. In the past six months, I’ve seen many “silver linings” in the problems we have encountered, such as being forced to spend more time together as a family. One place where I think you could have better applied Writing Tip No. 1 is when you mentioned that you “need” pasta and/or pizza on a “bad day.” As a curious reader, I’d like to know, What type of pasta is your favorite, or would best enhance your mood on a bad day. And, likewise, what type of pizza. Remember: if you pretend that the reader is interested, and give them information, chances are they will be interested.
    Mr. Jockers

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