Kristopher Bio poem.

        Kris, short, brown haired, athletic, and loud. Son/Daughter of Renee and Ted, brother of Bella. Lover of hockey, family, and video games. Who feels short, smart, and kind. Who finds fun, Friends, and kindness. Who needs food, water, and a job. Who gives kindness, respectfulness, and words. Who fears heights, disease, and death. Who would like to see Covid 19 disappear, COD Cold War be good, and My friends. Who enjoys hockey, video games, and fishing. Who likes to wear shorts, pants, and shoes. 

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1 thought on “Kristopher Bio poem.

  1. Wow Kris,
    I would have never thought that you were loud. I also like to play COD, and like to play hockey. I also hope Covid 19 will disappear. So we share many interest together.

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