Sophie Bio Poem


Empathetic, Ambitious, Loyal, Adventurous

Daughter of Jurate and Andrew, sister to Eva

Lover of rainy days, green tea and life

Who feels grateful for all they have, 

Who finds happiness in late night talks with my friends, opportunity in everyday and comfort in reading for extended period of time

Who needs time so she doesn’t feel overwhelmed, ice cold water in the morning and space

Who gives advice to people in need of it, love to every animal they meet and purpose to herself

Who fears spiders, letting people down and not living life to the fullest

Who would like to see earth’s beautiful wonders, herself have a good future and the northern lights

Who enjoys listening to music on the hammock, long walks on the beach and sleeping past 10

Who likes to wear soft, knitted sweaters, over sized t-shirts and long, flowy dresses.

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1 thought on “Sophie Bio Poem

  1. Hi Sophie,
    Your bio-poem was great! I especially liked the part where you mentioned you feared “not living life to the fullest” Since I can relate to that. I constantly stop and think about how I only have one life and how I can have the best life possible. One thing I would have loved if you had included in your poem is when your favorite time of day to take “long walks on the beach” is. When it’s dark out, during the morning, when its sunny, or maybe even when the sun is setting. I personally love taking walks on the beach during the sunset or when it’s dark out.

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