Bio Poem: Allie

Competitive, empathetic, passionate, reliable. 

Daughter of Ross and Ande, sister of Emma

Lover of sports, all kinds of food, and socializing. 

Who feels thankful for everything she has, excited for the next years of her life, and nostalgic when thinking about how much time has passed. 

Who finds joy in lying down in a hammock, spending time with family, and camping. 

Who needs love and support from friends, gum while working to keep her focused, and something to keep her occupied

Who gives all knowledge to her younger sister (Emma, 11), attention to chickens, smiles to strangers. 

Who fears not getting anywhere in life, losing everything I have, and snakes. 

Who would like to see a college lacrosse game, coronavirus be gone forever, and her uncle get married!

Who enjoys singing, beating her dad in competitions, and the sun. 

Who likes to wear cute outfits, uniforms, and dad’s oversized, soft t-shirts. 

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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Allie

  1. Hi Allie! You mentioned that you loved sports. What type of sports in particular? Do you play all of the sports you like? Or do you watch some of them?

  2. Hi Allie,
    I really enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem. I really related to line about you feeling nostalgic, it seems like yesterday we were just entering sixth grade! I thought that was a good point. I also loved the little details about camping and lying in your hammock, I thought they set a really nice tone to the poem. I also thought you did a great job including details for the reader. However, one area I was still curious about was when you said you need something to keep you occupied. What do you like to do specifically to keep yourself occupied? Overall great job!

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