Bio Poem: Erik S.


Funny, energetic, tall, smart

Son of Paul and Shana, brother of Ryan

Lover of his black and grey tiger cat named Nico, his family, and tasty food

Who feels supported when he is with friends, happy around family, and relaxed at the beginning of each day

Who finds joy in baby-sitting his 7 year old cousin, going away to see family, and playing with his cat Nico 

Who needs to get a good job, a fan to sleep at night in the summer, and someone to talk to about almost everything

Who gives happiness to others, support when needed, and love to his family

Who fears clowns, memorable horror movies, and nightmares

Who would like to see a tornado in person (not anywhere close to it though), the Grand Canyon, and the future

Who enjoys playing video games with his friends, playing casual basketball games with his brother, and skiing blues

Who likes to wear t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops in the summer, socks, shorts and sweatshirts around the house, and sweatpants and sweatshirts during winter

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3 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Erik S.

  1. Hi Erik,
    I liked your bio poem because I can relate to some stuff like wanting to see the future. In the summer I also like to wear T-shirts and in the winter I like to wear sweat pants too. It is very Ironic that your brothers name is Ryan. I find it cool that you get to babysit your cousin. I also like to play video games with my friends. One line I like in particular was “Who needs to get a good job”. I liked it because I need one too, to start making money for myself since I don’t have an allowance.

  2. Erik, I like how you were so specific with which types of clothing you like to wear. But I wanted to ask since you didn’t include it, what types of clothing do you like to wear in the fall or spring since you only included what you like to wear in the summer and winter.

    From Henry T

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