Bio-Poem: Georgia


Fun, crazy, energetic, daring

Daughter of Michael and Myra

Lover of playing soccer on the Easton Redding United team with my friends (I have played for soccer for nine years and played on ERU for 6 years), riding the most insane roller coasters and water slides (especially the roller coasters at Hershey Park and Lake Compounce), and listening to my favorite playlists (mostly songs I find on TikTok)

Who feels excited to be in school again, happy to be stuck with more people than my family, and tired of quarantine and the world right now

Who needs to get more sleep, to read fantasy and dystopian books, and Starbucks

Who gives my family smiles, my cats attention (I have two), and too much time on TikTok

Who fears clowns (after searching up and watching too many clown sighting videos when I was six), spiders, and murky water

Who would like to see Greece (which I might fly to with my just my friends and I next year), global warming solved, and  the coronavirus pandemic end

Who enjoys baking treats for my friends and family, watching good horror movies, and doing escape rooms with my friends

Who likes to wear comfortable clothes, light academia outfits (it’s an aesthetic), and my ERU soccer uniform

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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Georgia

  1. Hi Georgia,
    I like your bio-poem! I particularly like the part where you talk about the things you enjoy, I think they describe you very well. What is your favorite horror film? I also read you like dystopian novels. What is your favorite book/series?


  2. Hi Georgia,
    I like your bio-poem! I really like the parts when you talk about your fears for example clown I didn’t know that. What makes you need Starbucks? Is there particular food you get there?

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