Bio poem: Isabella

Daring, competitive, genuine, hard working
Daughter of David and Corey, sister of Sebastian, Alexander, and David
Lover of gymnastics, pickles, and spending time with friends
Who feels uncertain about this pandemic, grateful for the opportunities I have, and sad to not be at school in person
Who finds spicy foods appealing, painting enjoyable, and elevators terrifying
Who needs internet, a sweatshirt with them at all times, and a comfy spot when i’m reading
Who gives a lot of attention to criminal minds,
Who fears scientists won’t be able to find a cure for this pandemic, an injury ending my gymnastics career, and snakes.
Who would like to see bora bora, a real life crime scene, and a sunset while skydiving Who enjoys working out, drawing or coloring, and playing with dogs
Who likes to wear sweatpants and t-shirts while doing school work from home, jeans and sweatshirts or t-shirts when going out, and jean shorts with tank tops in the summer

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