Bio-Poem: Maggie


Funny, athletic, compassionate, determined

Daughter of Josh and Shelly, sister of Charlie

Lover of baseball, football, and ginger ale

Who feels thankful to have a good life, happy on the softball field, and nervous while watching the Giants

Who finds happiness while with her friends, editing videos and pictures fun in her freetime, and going to the beach boring

Who needs sports, confidence in herself in order to succeed, and Netflix (especially All American)

Who gives a lot of effort into everything she does, attention to all sports, and love to her cat Tela

Who fears getting stuck in elevators and not being able to escape, failure, and the Tampa Bay Rays

Who would like to see the Yankees win a World Series in 2020 or 2021, herself improve her pitching, and the pandemic end

Who enjoys playing softball and basketball, eating hibachi, and listening to any type of music

Who likes to wear athletic clothes all year round, oversized sweatshirts during the fall/winter, and slides during the summer

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