Bio Poem – Callie


           Patient, athletic, daring, forgiving 

   Daughter of Matt and Terrie, sister of Matthew and Chris

Lover of Synchronized skating, Rain, and my friends

 Who feels thankful for my family, tired a lot, and happy when i’m with my friends

 Who finds doing sports fun, being on the ice fun, and listening to music

Who needs to fix my sleep schedule, read more, and more time to do homework at home 

Who gives good advice, my dogs a lot of attention, people in need

Who fears clowns, seaweed, and talking in front of a bunch of people

 Who would like to see myself travel around the world, my skating team being able to compete, and having a good school year

 Who enjoys hanging with friends, ice skating, and skateboarding

 Who likes to wear sweatpants, sweatshirts, and baggy jeans


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