Bio-Poem–Emily c


Easy going. Lively, kind towards others, and ambitious because I am determined to get to a certain college. Daughter of John and Ronda sister of Andrew. Lover of basketball, (the sport I play) pets, and family. Who feels hopeful, tired, and grateful. Who finds sports fun, holidays amazing because you get to spend time with family, and school helpful. Who needs to read more from lack of enjoyment in books, a reason to live every day to the fullest, to finish work on time everyday. Who gives my family love, friends laughter from jokes and, my brother no patients from being annoying. Who fears small spaces, what my future will look like, and being alone. Who would like to see the eiffel tower, everyone to become happy and, the world to become safer so life is livable for everyone.Who enjoys basketball, hanging out with friends on a sunny day, and going camping. Who likes to wear sweatpants year around, tanktops in the summer and, dress nice for school.

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