Bio poem Griffin


Funny, Happy, Focused, Hardworking

Son of Laura and Will, Brother of Franklin, Anna, and Quinn

Lover of dogs, sports, and swimming

Who feels annoyed about corona, happy about Fall, and Happy about school

Who finds the Patriots the best football team, Soccer the best sport, and School very interesting

Who needs Family, Friends, and my dog.

Who gives happiness, comfort, and excitement

Who fears heights, snakes, and bears

Who would like to see Italy, Hawai, and Japan

Who enjoys sleeping, playing soccer, and watching football

Who likes to wear sweatshirts, tee-shirts, and athletic shorts.


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1 thought on “Bio poem Griffin

  1. Hi griffin
    I like how you said that you are annoyed at corona I am too I wish I will clear up soon so the world will be normal again.And I also never knew that you liked swimming.

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