Bio Poem: Haileigh S.



Honest, Kind, Energetic, Trustworthy

Daughter of Sharon and Robert, sister of Nick and Jadynn

Lover of my family, friends, and pets

Who feels happy to have people around me that I can trust, thankful for the life that I have, and excited to see what my future holds.

Who finds happiness in the beach, family, and friends

Who needs time to relax, fun times with the people around me, and ice cream every once in a while. 

Who gives off laughter to my friends, trust to the people in need, and attention to my favorite things.

Who fears bugs, not so nice people, and if there are any bad things heading my way. 

Who would like to see different countries around the world, kindness from everyone, and a bright future. 

Who enjoys vacations with my family, long walks with my friends even if we’re not going anywhere, and swimming in the ocean. 

Who likes to wear sweatshirts, fuzzy socks, and pajama pants whenever I can. 

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1 thought on “Bio Poem: Haileigh S.

  1. Your poem was great. I agree with you about feeling happy to have people around you that you can trust and thankful for the life that you have.I also am happy with what I have and the friends around me that I can trust. I can tell you put a lot of thought into your poem.

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