Bio-poem, Jaime C


Energetic, Helpful, Funny, Loud

Daughter of Jackie and Brian, sister of Jack and Mackenzie

Lover of: Different style converse shoes, The sound of pouring rain from a thunderstorms, Being lazy, and eating salty snacks

Who feels: Happy when eating candy like smarties, and when binge watching Netflix shows that are all about mystery and action

Who finds: Happiness when listening to thunderstorms, sleeping, and going on bike rides through neighborhoods when it is nice out

Who needs: Music to listen to at the end of the day or a TV show to take my mind off of school work

Who gives: Extra attention to her dog Augie and gives her full attention in the classroom

Who fears:every single kind of  SPIDER,and  Death 

Who would like to see: Who would like to see Covid-19 end and more of the ocean discovered 

And Iceland

Who enjoys: sitting out in the rain, and listening to 80´s rock music

Who likes to wearing: All of her sisters clothes and my favorite shoes to wear are converse

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2 thoughts on “Bio-poem, Jaime C

  1. Your poem is really good and I can totally relate to your line about being lazy because I completely feel the same way.

  2. love your poem! I can realate to about everything in it! I love watching netflix and being lazy. And oh jaime and your shoes is a long story haha. but seriously though, why do spiders have so many legs?! their so hairy and they have a million eyes! I also want covid-19 to end! I dont like having to be 6 feet apart from everyone! Overall great poem!

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