Bio Poem Lauren S.


hardworking, kind, sweet, thoughtful

Daughter of alyse and glenn sister of glenn, ryan and aidan

Lover of sleeping, lacrosse, and family

Who feels thankful to have a amazing family, friends, and life

Who finds kindness in school, family and friends

Who needs alone time, time with her family, and time with her friends

Who fears silence, sharks, and darkness

Who would like to see everyone around her have a good life, a orca in the ocean, and her family always

Who enjoys painting, cleaning her room, and hanging with family

Who likes to wear tank tops, hoodies, and pajamas

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1 thought on “Bio Poem Lauren S.

  1. Wow, I can totally relate to you line about being a lover of sleep. I wrote something Very similar about that in my poem. I also respect your appreciation for alone time. your poem is so great.

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