Bio-Poem Lila R



                                                               Optimistic, broad minded, patient, thoughtful

                                                        Daughter of Rick and Celine, sister of Pau and Emilio

                                                   Lover of family, swim team, and really spicy asian takeout

                                             Who feels happiness every morning before the day, grateful to have                                                      amazing friends  and family, and relief at the end of the day.

                                               Who finds joy in completing a goal, New York City, and shopping

                                         Who needs motivation to try new things, chili cheese fritos as a snack,                                                                                                 and people to talk to

                                           Who gives advice to others, empathy, and a lot of attention to friends

                                                         Who fears the deep ocean, change, losing close friends

                                         Who would like to see new countries, the future ahead of me, and                                                                                        The  Leaning Tower of Pisa  in Italy

                                        Who enjoys trying new foods from different countries, traveling, and                                                                                                 starting new shows

                                              Who likes to wear long jeans in the fall with a sweater and boots,                                                   hoodies and shorts at home  while doing homework, and a tank top                                                                                       and shorts in the summer.



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1 thought on “Bio-Poem Lila R

  1. This poem is great! i can relate to most of it, like needing modivation to try new things! Also I LOVE shopping! If it was my choice, i would shop everyday of my life. I like getting the things that i dont need haha. Amazing poem!!

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