Bio Poem; Sebastian .Z


Funny, caring, happy, loud

Son of Karen and Carl, brother of Clare, Gianthomas and Carl

Lover of playing soccer in the fall, family, and friends

Who Feels happy who he is, sad the summer is ending and good to be at school in person

Who finds joy in his family, his friends, and his dog

Who needs faith, his caring family, and friends

Who gives care to his dog, joy to his family, and laughter to his friends

Who fears change, spiders, and failing

Who would like to see himself on the varsity soccer team, a championship soccer game, and himself juggling the ball 50 times.

Who enjoys soccer, laughter, and happiness

Who likes to wear Nike shirts, Adidas pants, and Adidas shoes because they are super comfortable.


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1 thought on “Bio Poem; Sebastian .Z

  1. hey sebastian,
    I liked your bio poem alot
    I like the part when you said you would like to see yourself on a soccer team because that was very inspiring.

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