Daily Archives: September 23, 2020

Bio-Poem: Fariha K.

Fariha Diligent, courageous, content, responsible Daughter of Mumtaz and Furkan, sister of Firdaus, Fazila, and Fariza Lover of family, Disney, and religion Who feels grateful for having a roof over her head, happy and marvelous with her family, and compassionate towards her education Who finds joy at school, while reading, and while spending time with … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Fariha K.

Bio – Poem Kasey Z

Kasey                           Caring, energetic, funny, loyal                                                     Daughter if Mark and Jodie, sister  to Cooper (15)                                                   Lover of volleyball, cooking, and family   Who feels thankful to have a loving family and friends, feeling safe in my town, and gets the joy of seeing my dog everyday   Who finds happens when playing volleyball, cooking … Continue reading Bio – Poem Kasey Z