Bio-Poem: Fariha K.


Diligent, courageous, content, responsible

Daughter of Mumtaz and Furkan, sister of Firdaus, Fazila, and Fariza

Lover of family, Disney, and religion

Who feels grateful for having a roof over her head, happy and marvelous with her family, and compassionate towards her education

Who finds joy at school, while reading, and while spending time with her mom

Who needs her mom’s exquisite Indian food every night, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney movies, and to believe in her dreams

Who gives interest in 5,000-piece LEGO sets (I have already made the Taj Mahal, the Disney Castle, and Hogwarts), her finest effort in her school-work, and attention to her artwork

Who fears vicious spiders, roller coasters (the ones that take the life out of you), and losing the people dear to my heart

Who would like to see her dreams come true by going to a prestigious school, become an extraordinary surgeon, and save lives in order to make a true difference in the world

Who enjoys playing the clarinet during her free time on sunny days, going on vacation with her family, and reading while sitting on her deck, under the shade

Who likes to wear sweatshirts and sweaters during the inclement weather (especially her Minnie Mouse sweatshirt), t-shirts in the most tropical days of the year, and Indian dresses at parties and weddings


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