Bio – Poem Kasey Z


                          Caring, energetic, funny, loyal


                          Daughter if Mark and Jodie, sister  to Cooper (15)


                          Lover of volleyball, cooking, and family


Who feels thankful to have a loving family and friends, feeling safe in my town, and gets the joy of seeing my dog everyday


Who finds happens when playing volleyball, cooking with family and friends, and sleeping


Who needs to have music going on in the background when doing and work at home, needs to                  have at least some kind of hot sauce of my tacos, and needs to watch at least one episode of the vampire diaries a day


Who gives loud energy when bored or with friends, who gives someone the last piece of cake, and gives you all of my attention


Who fears sharks, snakes ( or anything with no legs), and the world ending


Who would like to see all of Europe and different continents, would like to see what college is like, and what it feels like to be someone else.


Who enjoys playing volleyball with her friends, cooking and baking, and sleeping


Who likes to wear oversized sweatshirts with sport shirts on while lounging around the house, fuzzy socks with either crocs or no shoes on, and sweatpants with a oversized t-shirt



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1 thought on “Bio – Poem Kasey Z

  1. hi kasey! good poem! i like how you want to see lots of places. Its cool that you play volleyball! what team? i like to walk around the house in oversized tees too! there so much more comfy when their big rather than normal. fabulous poem!

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