Bio-Poem: Sierra


Loyal, honest, sincere, realistic

Daughter of Dane and Eleanor, Sister to Cameron

Lover of color, interest, gymnastics

Who feels joy when the day is over, power when tumbling, trusting of people

Who finds adventures in anything, many thing impossible, things worth life

Who needs criticism, something to snack on, a warm blanket

Who gives honest opinions, compliments whenever, compassion

Who fears death, falling, pain

Who would like to see a vaccine , truth, Paris

Who enjoys practicing for gymnastics, fun, food

Who likes to wear anything comfortable, tank tops, comfy shorts

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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Sierra

  1. Hello Sierra!!
    I really love your bio poem !!
    It was very heartfelt to me.
    Very relate-able
    Keep up the great work !

  2. Hi Sierra, just waned to let you know that your bio poem was very nice and well written and made me learn much more about you.

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