Bio-Poem: Violet


Determined, Different, Bright, Cheerful

Daughter of Jen and Nick, sister of Wynter and Brody

Lover of Harry Potter, Anime, and K-Pop

Who feels happy when she is with her family, thankful for non migraine days, and confident enough to be different

Who finds comfort in her dogs, her love of Harry Potter, and music from her favorite K-pop bands

Who needs recognition of a job well done, to feel safe in my Mother’s arms, and not to be known for my migraines

Who gives to much time thinking of Harry Potter, attention to worrying about things that might not happen, and talking to myself

Who fears getting a migraine, people judging me for my cosplay, and the thought of death

Who would like to see my migraines go away, a chance to see Harry Potter on Broadway, and myself as a film director

Who enjoys spending time with my sister, singing and dancing, and watching Stranger Things

Who like to wear Harry Potter shirts, big comfy sweatshirts,and overalls

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