Olive’s Bio Poem


Passionate, kind, adventurous, and loving

Daughter of Matt and Liz Heres, Sister of Bauer Heres

Lover of her family ( Pets included), friends and the great outdoors

Who feels grateful ( for her house, family, friends and pets,), loved, and truly happy 

Who finds happiness in the littlest things like a smile, Adventures in the craziest of places like Alaska or Madrid, and pleasure in her memories

Who needs her family there by her side, her friends to make her laugh in the best way, and pets to be a constant love

Who gives smiles even in the darkest times, courage threw the unknown, and positivity threw life

Who fears not having control over everything, Escalators ( who isn’t afraid of them), and loss 

Who would like to see the world, smiles on everyone’s faces, and global issues fade away like global warming or trash in the sea

Who enjoys singing, field hockey, and surfing

Who would like to wear whatever makes her feel confident, powerful, and beautiful

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1 thought on “Olive’s Bio Poem

  1. Hi Olive,
    I enjoyed reading your Bio-Poem! One thing I liked specifically was you finding “happiness in the littlest things like a smile.” This line made me think about how necessary it is to find happiness in the littlest things, especially during this time. Another thing that stuck out to me is about how close you are to your family. Family is the most important thing in life, and I personally wouldn’t know what I’d do without my family. One thing I suggest is that you could’ve been a little more specific when it came to talking about the things you enjoy doing. In addition, there are a few spelling and grammar issues that I found. Lastly, I believe you forgot to add your last name at the end. This is a magnificent Bio-Poem!

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