Free write: My trip to Notre Dame

Last year on a cold day in Chicago, Illinois  my alarm went off telling me that it was time to get up. The date was November 23rd and it was the date we would be Going to drive to South Bend , Indiana  to see the Notre Dame Fighting Irish play their rival Boston College in a football game. Well anyways it was dark and we had to get fueled for the long day ahead leaving for Notre dame and then coming back around 2 to 3 A.M . Yes me and my Dad And brother had been doing this getaway for probably five or more years now . Later after we ate breakfast the  time struck 7 A.M and it was time to pack up and dress for the game. We turned on the weather getting one last check at the weather but we already knew what it was going to be like. A cold snowy blizzard, yes just so. We wore about 6 layers of under layers and about 2-3 pairs of sweatpants and on top of those winter jackets , But that would not be put on till we got to Notre Dame. Now the Time read 7:45 A.M as it was time we walk to the rental car place and pick up a car . Later we took off Driving down Lakeshore drive heading south around Lake Michigan to South Bend . The Car ride wasn’t bad at all because we had left super early to get there so we wouldn’t be caught in the storm. It was a scenic ride we passed the Chicago Bears, Soldier field and the Chicago White sox’s, Guarantee Rate Field. Other than that it was small towns and metal factories. At last we saw signs Notre Dame 20 Miles away and then it was time to exit the highway. Right as we got off we saw many people all heading towards campus as we usually do because Notre Dame is the most popular college football team of all time. The Golden Dome staring back at me  glared through the clouds casting of the gold as we pulled in as the first flakes had started to fall. We had gotten out of the Car parking in lot 23 a not too far from the stadium and we had to  start getting dressed when the temperature was starting to push 0. Now the time had read  around 11 A.M because of some minor traffic but that was fine to us .  The game was at 2:30 so we ended up going to walk around and I wanted to see the baseball field Frank Eck field which was all turf and about a minute walk away from Notre Dame stadium , the football stadium. At last we had walked in and the band was playing the fight song and the players were out for warmups. Time flew by and then it was time for the players to come back out for the game and by now the snow had really picked up at least an inch of snow every half and hour but the game was in full swing as Notre Dame had taken the lead 14-0. We knew that this would happen because Boston College wasn’t the best of teams ever. The game was exciting though just to be there and after we would walk around campus and go to the bookstore . The final score Notre Dame 42 Boston college 17. After we left the stadium we went straight to the bookstore and here we always go all out and we get as much clothing somebody could wear for a week, and we did just that . Overall this would end up being one of my Most appreciated trips ever .

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