Free Write: The Cucumbers and The Pickles

Many years ago, when the world was young, there were two huge continents. The first, and largest of the two, was Cucumberia, home of the Cucumbers. Next, being slighly smaller than Cucumberia, was Picklend, home of the Pickles. Though both countries were prosperous, having came out victorious over the Turnips of Turnipy, there was deep division between the two countries. The Pickles were strong believers in Aw, Snap-itilism, while the Cucumbers were firm advocates of Strong-unism. The Pickles regarded themselves as superior to the Cucumbers, thinking of them as incompetent, an economic mess, and old-fashioned.  On the flip-side, the Cucumbers thought of the Pickles as frivolous and foolhardy and that the Pickles were bizarre mutations of a better race, the Cucumbers themselves. After the Great Turnip War, advances in vegenology had both countries  expirience an increase of power, and the Pickles and Cucumbers were in vicious contest to have more power than the other. Other countries began calling this unofficial conflict: The Mold War.

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7 thoughts on “Free Write: The Cucumbers and The Pickles

  1. You have a very good imagination Luis. I really liked how you worded everything. How would you describe the Mold War, though? Overall great job! – Mary

  2. Luis If only the pickles and cucumbers could live in harmony, this reminds me a lot of the doctor sues book where the sneetches where the same but one group of them had stars and one did not I find this a very cool and creative story.

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