Free -Write:The dog in the box

“Why do we have to leave?”

It was a cold Sunday  in December. Today was the day that we were going to my cousin’s party. A birthday party in fact. It was really exciting because I would also be receiving presents because it was around Christmas. 

As we arrived most people were already there. We walked in and said  hello to everyone. It started just like a normal party, everyone was talking. We did present a little early which I found strange. It was my turn to open my present. It was pretty big. I unwrapped it and there was a box. Inside the box was a hang on door basketball hoop! I was so excited. 

Right after I opened my present I went to thank everyone. Right after I did this my mom said to me and my brothers “Lets go, we have to go home.”


Those words made me so upset. We never left parties early, but I realized there is no point in arguing. So I got in the car.


20 minutes passed and we were still driving. It was at this point that I realized we were not going the way to my house. “Mom, where are we going.” I shouted.


To my surprise my dad calmly answered “To go look at christmas light.”


You have to be joking I thought to myself. Why would we ever leave a party early to go and look at christmas lights. I kept this thought to myself even though I knew my brothers were thinking the same.

After a long 40 minute drive we finally pulled up at a long, straight driveway. We pulled in and there were no Christmas lights. This is when it came to me, my parents are giving me up for adoption. 


My dad got out of the car and walked slowly to the front door. An old man came walking out and he opened the garage. To my surprise there were dogs in there. We got out of the Car and followed my dad into the garage.


There were 2 big wooden bins in there. I looked in one expecting to find kids waiting to be adapted but there were puppies in there. “We’re getting a dog!” I screamed.


“This is her.” The old man explained.


A little golden retriever that can fit in my hands was placed in my dad’s arms.


“What do you guys think, should we keep her?”

Without a doubt we all screamed yes at the same time.


This was one of the best moments of my life.


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