Free write – 2020 The year of craziness Griffin

We have all been thinking it and living it 2020 the worst year ever, if I could I would give up the memories I made throughout the last 8 or so months to go back to normal. But would I? That’s the question I have been trying to answer for the last 3 or 4 months, for some people it might be just a quick decision yes no but for me, I’ve gotten to experience some things I would not like to forget i’ve gone on a crazy mental and physical journey at the beginning of the pandemic I would stay in my grandparents house with my mom in Massachusetts for a month or 2 at the time, the entire time I stayed there I wanted to go back home so I could play video games. Now looking back, there was a lake literally outside of my door. I wish I would have taken advantage of that situation. Now I don’t expect things to go back to normal for at least a year so when i go back this winter (to ski) I am going to take advantage of what I have there and enjoy my time and relax almost like a winter wonderland with zero worries, but I worry now that something may happen around that time and make it hard for me to enjoy my time skiing and enjoying winter activities. I don’t know what to think. I guess I will like everybody else to sit back and enjoy the ride of this show in 2020.

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1 thought on “Free write – 2020 The year of craziness Griffin

  1. Hi Griffin. I liked how you wrote your story based on the present time, and that you said to take advantage of what you have while you have it.

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