Free Write – A new start

Just two weeks ago I was spending my last night in a house I’ve lived in for so long. It feels as though my whole life is being altered; even though only one thing is chaning. It’s time to look forward to the future and move on, some may say. But they don’t get it. Think about it; for all of my 13 years I have livedd in one spot. And suddenly I don’t anymore. All I feel is sadness.

The other day I saw the new family that is living in our old house. They were playing in the backyard and looked so happy. All I feel is joy for them. I want someone to love that house  the way I did.

First day in a new house and it’s weird. It feels empty; not quite homey enough yet. All I feel is hope; I hope that the next 13 years here will be just as good as the last. Hope that I will feel okay again, at some point.

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7 thoughts on “Free Write – A new start

  1. Allie,
    This is short but powerful. The best writing is the most honest writing, and you hit an honest feeling when you write things like “I want someone to love that house the way I did.” Anyone who has lived a while in a house in which they spent a good deal of their formative years can relate to that; I certainly can. Thanks for sharing. There’s definitely a “seed” here for a powerful memoir, which is where we’re heading in class.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Hi Allie! I like that you expressed your feelings through your writing. I t must have been hard moving to a new house and leaving all of your childhood memories behind in your old house. I remember I was sad to leave my old house too. But after a while I think you will get used to it and you can love your new house just like the previous owners had themselves. Great Job!

  3. Wow when you said how you saw another family living in your house I would expect you to feel sad, but you said you are happy for them! Super glad you feel that way. I hope your new home will hold adventures greater than the last .

  4. Hi Allie, your writing was truly powerful! I loved that you metioned the before and after of your story. I hope you make so many new exciting memorys in your new house. I especially loved the part where you wrote “All I feel is hope; I hope that the next 13 years here will be just as good as the last. Hope that I will feel okay again, at some point.” It is so well written Allie! Congrats on your new house and this amazing piece.

  5. I like how much emotion you put into your writing, it really shows how much you loved your old house. I hope you grow to like you’re new house as much, or even more than your old house.

  6. Hello Allie, you piece was short but very powerful, I liked how you brought your own life into a writing piece. I thought it was very good. Great job!

  7. I liked how your story explained the parts of life; struggles included. These few paragraphs were very powerful and enjoyed reading it.

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