Free Write-Alexia S.: “Coronavirus life”

Things regarding Coronavirus are starting to look a lot like in the summer. That means that case numbers are going up and everything is just worsening. School is distance learning now, which has good things and bad things. Some good things are that I can sleep in for a little more and I can have a snack break. The bad things are that I can’t really see my friends except for a video call. Wearing masks had become so normal, that when we had mask breaks at school, everyone’s mouths looked weird. If someone had told me that I would be living in the middle of a pandemic I would laugh, but, after living in 2020 if someone told me there was gonna be an apocalypse I might’ve believed them. Even though 2020 hasn’t been the best year, there have been some highlights for me, my family, and friends. Luckily none of my family or my friends have had any signs of COVID, or COVID itself. I also found after 2 years here my best friend, which I am grateful for. I remember one time as I was going home from school, telling my mom, “nothing ever happens”, but now I want that again, for everything to become peaceful and normal. I also remember one time, during drama club rehearsal, where me and one of the other cast members had to sit together for the ending. The director said, “C’mon coronavirus close.” and we all laughed, but it wasn’t laughs anymore the week after when there was no drama club because of coronavirus. I just hope that everything, even slowly, starts to get better.

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