Free Write-Audrey Gil

Ever since that day Jimmy Coleman snitched and told Miss. Blume it was I who cheated on the test instead of Rebecca, he was pushed to the top of my enemy list. He doesn’t know that, however. He thinks we’re good friends. That’s why when his mom invited me to have lunch with him and his twin sister Molly, I snatched up that offer before it could fly away.

It started off when Jimmy went to the shed to grab Molly’s brand new plant that she wanted to show me. “It’s from this cool new store right next to Panera, it’s the new trend!” Molly glowed while floating down the stairs to get water. She planned it so when Jimmy brings the plant inside, she could treat it to some fresh water. 

This was the perfect moment to frame Jimmy, since both Molly and Jimmy were gone. I creeped into the bathroom, making sure nobody downstairs could hear me walking across the top floor. In the upstairs bathroom, I stuffed all the toilet paper and anything that could act as a substitute from the bathroom into my pants, and leaned back to carry the rest without it tumbling out of my arms. Walking weirdly to Jimmy’s room, I dumped it all into the back corner of Jimmy’s closet. His super strict mom is bound to find it in 2 days, when she does her weekly cleaning of Jimmy’s room. Until then, frustration of Jimmy’s family will grow to the point they would scream and ground Jimmy once they find out it was in his closet. Jimmy got me grounded before for “cheating,” so I will do the same to him. 

Molly’s footsteps banged as she ran up the stairs, skipping two with each step. Rushing over to get out of Jimmy’s room, I fake laughed at her attempt to be funny with the face of how exhausted she was from sprinting that fast. “Got the water!” She laughed. “I’m surprised it didn’t spill!”

I looked at her wet shirt. “Yeah! It’s so weird it didn’t spill!” Faking a smile, we went into Molly’s room and sat on her fuzzy carpet. “So, school’s almost over, are you going to do anything fun?”

Molly sighed. “No, stupid Jimmy has stupid baseball so we aren’t going anywhere.” We both heard the back door swing open, then shut. Standing up, Molly carried the water.

“Molly, I got your flower!” Jimmy called from downstairs. Suddenly, a big crash and an “ow!” came from downstairs. Molly gasped and her face fell. 

“You, young man, are grounded for a week!” Jimmy’s mom declared. “You will buy a new one with your own money!” I smiled before pretending to rush downstairs and feel sorry for both Jimmy and Molly. Inside I grinned like a maniac.

“Yes ma’am.” Jimmy cowered and tried to pick up some pieces of the pot. I could tell his face was bright red and he was trying to hide it by bending down. 

Mrs. Coleman turned to Molly. “I’m sorry Molly.” Her face looked down at the wet spot on Molly’s shirt. “Oh, what happened here?” She picked up the piece of cloth and Molly swatted her hand down.

“That’s nothing.” She jabbed. I held back my snicker with all that was in me. I was better than Jimmy Coleman, and he’ll see for himself in two days and a few hours, when his stupid mom cleans his stupid room.

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  1. Wow Audrey your free write was really long. It looks like you put a lot of effort into it. The dialogue was a good addition, too. Great job!

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