Free Write: Beasts and Gluttons Part 1

Ace was a strong hearted beast who lived in the heart of the forest. He was very popular among the other beasts and had a very peaceful life. The beast species is simply a group of organisms that are brobdingnagian in size, and have ungovernable emotions. They beast species rules over a country in southeast Asia named Vietnam. When humans in this country found out about the existence of the beast species they thought it would be best to exterminate them. After years of government research on the species they concluded that if they were to kill any amount of beasts whether it was one or five hundred the rage of the beasts would take over and end human life in Vietnam. Only the government knew of this species and did not tell the public, in fear that they would crack and go crazy. For one reason and one reason only, they looked identical to humans. And you could only tell them apart by their size, the species knew this and when they were in public simply condensed their bodies to be similar to the Vitanmesie people. The beasts were rarely in public because they mainly were in the forests, they only went near lots of other people if they needed to go to a weapon store to buy weapons used for torture. The humans and beasts lived like this for about a century until a man by the name of Kaku started breeding the beasts with an endangered insect species. He knew of the consequences that came with doing this but disregarded them simply because of boredom. When Kaku did this a hybrid species was created called gluttons, because of their huge appetites. The beasts were unaware of what was happening in his laboratory for about five and a half years. And during that time gluttons had started to reproduce in inconceivably high numbers. After Kaku created the hybrid species he left a male and a female in a dense forest, and murdered the rest of the species. He had made a colossal mistake for the forest that he had put them in was the same forest that the beasts resided in. A beast was taking a walk, the sun was shining and the air was crisp. Everything seems normal until he is approached by a glutton. Out of nowhere the glutton stabbed the beast, the beast fell into the river and floated there for about a day. The leader of the beasts, Ace noticed that one of the beasts was missing and assigned seven beasts to go search for the missing beasts. The beasts had found their friend floating in the river and told Ace. The total number of gluttons was approximately one thousand, and the total number of beasts was five thousand. After Ace was aware that a fellow beast was slaughtered he set up cameras around the forest to observe what the gluttons did. He had noticed that they were building something , a ship he had thought. The ocean was very far away from the forest that they lived in so Ace was confused on why they were building a ship.




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