Free write- Jessica H

When Covid-19 hit, my family and I had a big decision to make. My Bat Mitzvah was happening in a few months and many more people were getting the virus. Soon, we had made the decision to postpone the event to later in the year when things would hopefully be better. A little while later, we found out that people were having their service on Zoom and holding their party on a different date. My parents and I thought for a while about what we were going to do. We later decided that we were going to hold the service on Zoom and on a later date once Covid is  over and isn’t spreading, we would have the party. After not studying for several weeks, this was a big risk and could go in two different directions. Making the decision to have the service on Zoom was the right thing to do. The few months before, I was studying all the time during every minute I could. I knew that if I wanted to pull this off, I would have to work extremely hard and spend a lot of time working on this. A few days before the big day, I was still studying and things started getting very hectic. “What if I don’t finish in time?” What if everything is ruined?” This is all I could think and worry about. I started to think we had made the wrong decision until one day before the service I knew everything I needed to know and I was sure we had made the right decision after all. The day was amazing and I am so glad we made the decision we did!

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5 thoughts on “Free write- Jessica H

  1. Hi Jess, I really liked that you put your feelings into your writing. I thought it was very interesting to read about how hard you had to work to concor your goal! You did so amazing at your Bat Mitzvah! Great job on your piece you did amazing!

  2. Hi Jess. I really liked your piece of writing. Later in life you will remember how crazy this time was and how your bat mitzvah, a very important time in your life, was a lot different than you expected. I loved being on zoom watching your bat mitzvah happen by the way. Hopefully this will be over soon and you can have the party you always wanted!

  3. Hi Jess, I enjoyed how you demonstrated your thoughts in your writing, so the reader is able to tell how you were feeling about all of this. Fantastic job at your Bat Mitzvah and this writing piece!

  4. Hi Jessica, I really loved your story. It felt like I was there, you told it really well. I hope it works out for you to have your Bat Mitziah.

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