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We now live in a world where everything we do we have to think about more. If we want to hang out with friends we have to think about how many people are going to be there and think about other people more deeply. I remember before this whole Covid thing, we were able to go to school with no mask on, hang out with friends whenever, be able to actually stand close to people, and not have to worry about getting sick and spreading it to other people. People nowadays have to worry more and more now that Covid has it and it has divided many families. People now can’t go to their grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving, and people can’t hang out with their friends. This whole thing has just changed the way people live. I remember right before we had to shut down, I was thinking to myself and I was thinking that it’s not that bad and it will go away in a month or two. I was wrong. It has been a year since Covid and more and more people are dying because of it. I also remember thinking that Easton, a small little town in Connecticut, wouldn’t get that many cases. Maybe one or two but not this many. I now think that people took life  for granted before Covid and now I think people understand that we need to be extra safe not to spread Covid, and also so that we can hang out with friends and family without a mask on.

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5 thoughts on “Free Write – Kasey Z

  1. I like how you wrote about what it was like before Covid and how you felt. It was really detailed and I really understood how you were feeling!

  2. I like how detailed this piece of writing. This is very understandable. Many of us can relate and many miss how everything was before Covid-19.

  3. I liked how you told your side of covid-19 and your thoughts on it. I relate to your story very much and I also hope that one day we can hang out without masks and social distancing!

  4. I can very much relate to how you feel. I like how you wrote about life before COVID and your intake and perspective because due to all the crazy, dramatic, and stressful events this year, I honestly forgot about life back then.

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